Therapy at 102 degree weather: please support our campaign

We launched a new campaign for the Fred Newman Center last week. This latest campaign will allow us to start using the center on a regular basis, while still allowing us to make improvements on a renovation plan that will sustain our growth. This includes our ongoing binational work as Performing Communities de Esperanza, and also our therapeutic work as the Fred Newman Center.

In fact, I’ve started seeing clients at the Centro. They are clients who I’ve already stablished a therapeutic relationship, and who are open in working in a space that still needs quite some work. Today I had a session with a 9 year old kid I will call Adrian and Martha his mom, both are not their real names, I want to protect their anonymity. I met them through Adrian’s teacher, who participated in some of my workshops. He wanted my help with Adrian, who is in 4th grade but has a 1st grade reading level. Adrian didn’t get any special support throughout the years, so he couldn’t become an effective learner at school until his teacher took notice. I’ve been working with Adrian, his family and teacher. He is making progress thanks to the support we have managed to organize.

It was very moving seeing them coming to the center today, taking public transportation at a 102 Fahrenheit degree weather. I was able to fix a tiny air conditioner, it sorts of does the job if you are meter away. We managed to work together, had a chance to play with Legos and learn about area and volume at the same time. I know the space can become a much better stage for learning and development with your help (part of the campaign will go to climate and other important improvements).

Please help us by making a contribution and by sharing our campaign. Click on the link bellow.

GoFundMe Campaign

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