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The funding campaign in support of the activity of bringing people from all around the world to PTW is very close to my heart. Ironically it was very challenging to figure out how to support the campaign, just been thinking and thinking without finding a way to express fully how important this campaign is. After all, it is through the generosity of people like the ones who have already contributed, that a group from community educators, psychologists and artist from Juarez, Mexico has been able to attend for the last three PTW editions.

I could say many, many things about why people should support this. Being able to attend PTW each time was achieving something that seemed impossible, since our selves could not afford airfare. Support gave us the opportunity to have/be part of/create the PTW experience: to be inspired and to inspire, having a sense that there is a performance movement and that we are part of it, and us as a group learning and growing, having new tools and perspectives we can then use back home to continue our struggle for change… I could go on.

Not sure I want to give a reasons, I want to give admiration. Let me give one example.

This is Agustin Lara. If you google Agustin Lara you will get a famous Mexican bolero song writer, but you might also get the other Agustin Lara, a young man who is becoming a regional electronic music composer in his own right.

You want to meet him…

Agustin at NY airport

Agustin at NY airport

Agustin and others on the All Stars stage

Agustin and others on the All Stars stage

In these pictures you see Agustin during his first time at PTW in 2008. Back then he was graduating from high school and was preparing to go to college. Back then Itzel Gonzales and I with the generosity of people like you, where able to bring a group of youth from our community work at CASA Promotion Juvenil.

Agustin has come a long, long way from then. He is recognized locally as a performance artist, has been a street performer, and in the last couple of years has developed an improvised form of electronic music, and is starting to get regional recognition. Want to hear him? This is a recent preview of his work.

Recent photo

By his own account, participating in PTW has made all the difference in his becoming an improviser, an artist, and a better human being.

I appreciate Agustin. I appreciate the people who made possible that Agustin and other people from Juarez being able to attend PTW.

Agustin is but only one example of people who throughout the years have been supported to attend PTW, and are now part of an international community dedicated to performance and change. Please support our indiegogo campaign, please support people from around the world attend PTW. Help us bring people from around the WORLD so we CAN PERFORM THE WORLD.

Miguel Cortés
Director of the Centro Fred Newman para la Terapia Social
Juarez, Mexico

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