Please help Jorge and Miguel celebrate

JorgeyMiguelThis September is Jorge Burciaga and Miguel Cortes birthday, the founders of the Centro Fred Newman Center. In fact Jorge’s birthday is tomorrow, September 26 today, September 25.

We are going to do something that is not polite in Mexican culture. We are asking you for a gift for our birthday, which is quite impolite. We are making an exception because we are asking you to support us keeping this web page available for the whole world.

This page is our primary means to keep people informed about our activities. It also provides articles, links and other resources in Spanish about social therapy. Finally, we are planning to expand our web page so that it includes interviews, videos and blogs that will help us grow and promote interest in performance, growth and the social therapeutic approach.

Here is how you can help. Our goal is to raise $300 dlls, which will help us keep going and growing this next year. You can send donations using the Paypal button bellow, or if you prefer an alternative way to send a donation please write to us at to provide you with other options. Please help us celebrate, any amount will help us sustain our site.

Thank you!

Please donate using Paypal at the button bellow.

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